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Taha Mansour
Amanda is a phenomenal resume/ LinkedIn profile and career coach. Thank you for a professional and perfect resume written & LinkedIn profile optimization and interviewing skills. I landed at my dream job within a few weeks. I got tons of interviews from the first week. It’s a great investment and definitely has an ROI. I strongly recommend Amanda if you want a resume & LinkedIn transformation. I appreciate all your efforts and support.
Sharon Fogel
I was really struggling with doing my resume. With my stressful job, I just didn’t have the energy at the end of the day. The weekends would come, and it was hanging over my head like a lead balloon. Not only that, but I knew I didn’t know enough about how the resumes get screened by a computer and what keywords to use....etc.

Than I was introduced to Amanda! What a life saver! She made the process painless and easy, was professional and really knew her stuff! She put together an amazing resume for me and I have been through 3 interviews for the first position I was interested in! I decided to also apply for a totally different type of position with different skill sets I possess, and when I asked her to please create me a new resume and match it to the job description as quickly as possible, she went to town and had it back to me within 2 business days! I have now had 2 interviews with that company! Thank you, Amanda, you have been a lifesaver for me!
Vilmarie Y.
I strongly recommend Amanda for resume writing, profesional profile and coaching. I was impressed with the immediate results I had, as soon as she prepared my profile and my resume. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Kim Ruiz
Amanda has been very easy to work with - she responds quickly to requests, has a wide range of experience that makes her suitable for a variety of writing projects, and offers ideas on how a project could be improved. I’m very pleased with the quality of her writing and meeting deadlines. I strongly recommend Amanda as a qualified and skilled writer for your next project.
Jeremy Eden, PMP, CISSP
Amanda is a great resource for updating resumes, providing insight on current practices, and advising on strategies for the job market. She has great experience, communication, and is always available for follow-on discussions.
Andi Smith
If you’re looking for someone to go above and beyond not only helping you rework a old resume but also assisting in preparing you for interviews-Amanda is your go to!!! She took the time to get to know me and asked me what i wanted out of my next career. Her ability to make your resume stand out next to others is a gift. She is truly talented and passionate about helping you find your next position and her communication is impeccable. She checked in on me after every interview to see how it went and took time to help prep my pre-interview jitters. I felt like I was her only client! Amanda-thank you so much for everything!
Timothy Yoder
Amanda’s input and critiquing of my resume portfolio was quite helpful. The insights she provided helped me to prepare for the application and interview process. I would most definitely recommend Amanda to anyone who is in the process of looking for a new career position!
Kelly Kristine Lloyd
Amanda is very knowledgeable, knows exactly what needs to be done to revamp and/or do a resume. She also gives consultation updates on professional sites that need some extra TLC. I am very pleased with my services she has provided. Amanda provides a 15 minute free consultation and is very professional with a break down of everything that will be done. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and family. I have already had several companies approach me and have some good solid interviews lined up. Amanda I can’t thank you enough for all your time and help. You have made my 2021 year start off with a great Big Bang!
Stephane Mary
Amanda was great to work with. Super knowledgeable and interested in your profession in order to build a super resume for you. She was prompt, easy to talk to on the phone and the process was professional and fun. She gave me an hour over the phone and a really nice rough draft before I had to pay anything. Once I paid she continued to work with me on my resume with over 5 revisions by the time we were done. The process was exactly as described on the internet. I would recommend using her and her company to anyone looking for a really nice resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile makeover. Thanks Amanda.
Lindsay Ogden-Herrera
I worked with Amanda during my recent career change to help me polish my online presence and brush up on my interview skills. I really appreciated how well she could listen to me talk about myself then reframe and reword to both help me see myself more clearly and get prepared for how to talk to interviewers. I'm not new to the job search routine, but I've really upped my game the last couple of times by using a skilled consultant like Amanda. I highly recommend her services and will be back when I'm ready for my next transition.
Nick S.
Amanda was great to work with. I had initially reached out to multiple people and she was quick to respond and did a great job. After speaking with her on the phone I did not need to look any further as she was eager to help and did a great job!! Totally worth your business!!

Thanks Amanda for your help!!
Tina Tomlin
Amazing work, with high degree of professionalism and best in class quality
Rachel S.
I had the pleasure of attending a free Facebook challenge group on job search training hosted by Amanda Brandon. She gave an hour of training each night to help jobseekers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I must say this is quite refreshing as the services she provided were valuable to me in my job search. I was very impressed with her knowledge and training style. I also really liked the way she formulated accomplishments and emphasized being assertive in your job search.

She gave me some immediate feedback on an interview follow-up that I know will help me present myself as a professional and excellent candidate.

If you’re frustrated with the job search process and don’t know where to start or begin, check out her Office Hours with a Resume Writer. 

If you’d like the white glove treatment, she will coach you and help you write your professional branding documents for a very reasonable price. I high recommend her.

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