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Why It’s Important to Get Really Clear About What You Do

clear business goalsI recently went through a transformation in my business – I took a break and started over. It was a gutsy move and one that scared the dickens out of me.

But this year, I’m looking at a new freedom. I’m starting on some of my own info products and will be launching an ebook series later this spring.  I’m finally doing what I want to do with my business and have honed my specialty to serve more a more specific clientele – professionals, entrepreneurs, independent publishers, startups and tech companies.

I recommend everyone take a break and get clear about what you do in your business and why you do it.

Then, take out the trash. Clear out the things that are getting in the way of what you really want for your time, money and work.

This post is a hint at what I’ll be releasing in the next couple of months – an in-depth e-book series and new blog on how to get very clear about what you do.

It’s based on a model I’ve been using in helping my clients understand who their clients are and their pain points for years. Now, I’m putting this successful, simple strategy on paper for others to use to get clear on what they do.

If you’re interested in the details, please drop me a line or learn more here.