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What is Brilliant Content?

brilliant content

As a kid I secretly wanted to wear glasses because I thought they made you look smart.

However, I didn’t need them. Or, so I thought.

I got glasses at 28. You see, I was farsighted in one eye. My other eye was making up for my lack of up-close focus.

Well, as I learned later, a simple pair of reading glasses can help immensely.

I finally got my wish – to wear glasses to look smarter. But they did more than that. They made me smarter. I could see more clearly and didn’t suffer from muscle tension in my neck anymore from straining to see the computer screen.

Brilliant content is just like a great pair glasses:

  • It brings the customer’s needs into focus.
  • It tells your story clearly and simply.
  • It allows you see what works and doesn’t – quickly.

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