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The Keys to Success in All Content Marketing & Business

Yesterday, I was honored to have an article featured in Peter Bowerman’s newsletter – the Well-Fed E-Pub. You can see the current and every issue here. I just received a response to my article on Content Marketing 101 from a writer who is looking to make the plunge into freelance writing.

She mentioned that she didn’t have the courage or the time to make the plunge yet. In my response, I mentioned to her that it does take a whole lot of guts and time to make it as a freelance writer. It takes faith and planning.

And then I realized those two keys are universal to content marketing and business. You have to have faith in your content (and your business) and you have to plan.

Content without faith or, more appropriately belief, falls flat. It doesn’t have a purpose. If you don’t believe it, then why would your audience?

The greater issue here is that you have to believe in your business whether you sell your writing (as I do) or a gadget. Belief in your product, your message and even your content are the keys to success.

Planning allows you to pour that belief into your business, your content and your clients/customers. When you plan, you think from a place of conviction and the content that stems from that is believable and engaging.

I’d like to thank that writer for reminding me of the two keys to success in all content marketing and business. Good luck to you. I hope you find your courage and time because you’ll be great when you do.