Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t just help you get a job – it helps people who may hire you or do business with you understand your value. LinkedIn also helps you reach people you can’t access in person.

This powerful career tool can help you get jobs faster and gain more access to decision-makers, whether you’re looking for a job or introduction to a potential sales lead.

Why am I so passionate about having a great LinkedIn profile?

I’ve built a business on LinkedIn that I’ve reinvented THREE times over the past 10 years. This social network gave me access to decision-makers, projects, and people like you. I help more people tell their stories because of this powerful networking tool. And I know how to make it work to your advantage in your job search and career.

Common Mistakes I See on LinkedIn

  1. Using words like “unemployed” and “looking for a job.” If you read a dating ad, would you answer someone who said they were “unemployed”? No! You’d run the other way. Recruiters and hiring managers don’t want to see the negative. They want to see WHY they should hire YOU.
  2. Putting weird or unclear pictures on your profile. If you put an “after five” picture in your profile, you may draw negative attention or give the reader a bad impression. Your LinkedIn profile picture should be professional, focused, and reflect the best you. Smile, wear a great color, and get someone else to take your photo! Don’t wear sunglasses or hats in your LinkedIn photo. Keep it classy!
  3. Not filling out your entire profile. This is the MOST common mistake I see. You have a free opportunity to share your story with the hiring and networking workd, but teh