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A Tale of Two Networking Strategies – What Works, What Doesn’t

Several years ago, I was looking for a new job because my boss left. I didn’t want to work in an “interim department” because the organization I worked for was a bit slow to hire.

I also knew that the healthcare system where I worked was starting a marketing department for the patient care services. I wanted to be a groundbreaker, so I applied as soon as I saw the position post. And then…nothing.

I worked up my nerve to talk to a friend who worked on the hospital side to see if she could get me a name or a recommendation for the open marketing position. Within two days, I had an interview and an offer!

Being bold in your goals and talking to your network are surefire strategies for finding a great job.

Here’s a comical, not so great way of getting a job.

That same year, I was at a party organized by some alumni from my alma mater. It was fairly exclusive because a top-ranked news anchor was at the party. And I happened to run into him on the stairs.

I introduced myself and said that I liked his show. I was about to say that I had graduated from the same journalism program a few years ago before he cut me off.

He leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Not here, Baby. I can’t get you a job.”

In the words of my high school here Cher Horowitz, “As if I needed his help!”

Job search lesson: Don’t expect favors. I’m sure this news anchor got approached all.the.time about getting internships and jobs. I get that, but he was so rude.

Don’t be like that to the seekers in your life.

Give them something valuable – an introduction, an informational meeting, a resume review. Be genuine and pay it forward.

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