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ProPolish: Five Things Pros Do Right with Social Profiles

I just completed a big research project where I looked at hundreds of social media profiles. Want to know what I learned? Pros do five things right with social profiles:

  1. Pros fill out their entire profile and everything is in the right case. LinkedIn profiles almost double as a resume today. So make sure you list your current job title and everything is in the right case (meaning you know that your name is a proper noun and so is the place you work).
  2. Pro social profiles have a professional headshot. I was shocked at the number of people with 500+ connections who didn’t have a photo. I was also a little surprised at the number of “interesting” photos.Pro Tip: Get a professional photo taken every year or two to use in social media profiles.
  3. Pros have a headline that grabs attention and makes sense. Each social media network has its own “way” to present your “what you do” statement. LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to describe your experience and what you’re looking to do. Use this to your advantage.Walking the Walk: My LinkedIn profile headline is “Pro writer, editor, marketing consultant and founder of Pro Polish.” I’m a professional writer first and foremost, but I do A LOT of editing and marketing consulting. And I’m trying to promote my Pro Polish service. That tells you what I do and how I can help you. That’s the ultimate goal of every social media profile headline: what you do. Get this right!
  4. Pros link up their social profiles. One of the cool features of LinkedIn is the ability to link to your Twitter account. Not everyone is a Twitter master, but it’s nice to check it out. It’s a simple profile update that connects your online presence.
  5. Pros are always updating their social profiles. I don’t do it every week, but I do try to look at my LinkedIn profile at least every couple of weeks and make updates. This is my primary sales tool for my business, so it better be sharp and up-to-date. It also helps your searchability to share content and to add sections to your LinkedIn profile. The same is true for your Twitter bio. I use my Facebook and Instagram profiles for a different purpose than my professional writing and marketing business, but I update my bio all the time.Pro Tip: Sharing your “what you do” is effective and important. Don’t neglect this part of your professional life.

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