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Introducing Pro Polish – A Service for Professionals and SoloPros

pro polish serviceWhen I got started freelancing more than a decade ago, I knew a thing or two about a resume, but I knew it wasn’t all that was going to get me noticed. I had to stand out in search results and an inbox.

That’s when I got really bold with headlines, subject lines and ditched the generic bullet points. My resume and cover letters are living, breathing business tool that get a lot of my attention. If I don’t keep them fresh and polished, it fades fast and I don’t have quality work to fill the calendar.

When You Don’t Like Talking About Yourself

Almost anytime I tell someone I’m a writer or editor, the subject of resumes and cover letters and LinkedIn profiles come up. I get a range of feedback on resumes and cover letters – from “I’m not getting any interviews” to “I really need to update my resume” to “I don’t know how to make my resume stand out online.”

It’s Tough to Get Your Name Out There

And I often hear that people don’t have much success with online job ads and working their LinkedIn network for job leads and projects.

I also get a range of feedback on LinkedIn – Is it worth it to keep up with the connections and the adding content? You betcha.

Why Is LinkedIn So Important?

It’s important because you are often asked for your profile link and recruiters, potential project managers and hiring managers look at your social profiles. If your LinkedIn profile is neglected, you may get passed over.

I think of LinkedIn as a way for you to put your resume in anyone’s hand in an instant. It’s a link and a connection. That’s easy to text or email right in the coffee line or at a networking event. Yes, you need business cards, but I promise you – a thoughtful email and a link to your profile will get noticed faster than that pile of cards sitting at the bottom of a recruiter’s purse.

LinkedIn also gives you instant authority in your field. When you spend a few minutes a few times a week reading articles and making comments, you’re extending your experience and you’re expanding your network.

But what if you’re not sure what to say about yourself? It’s easy to talk about what you do, but it’s not always easy to get that to a few stand-out bullet points on one-page 8.5 x 11.

Sharing What I Know

So, when I examined my business offerings recently, I decided it was time to take my know-how – resumes, LinkedIn, cover letters, unique ways to find jobs and projects online and put into a tool other pros like you can use.

I call it Pro Polish. I offer several packages based on what a pro’s need is – resume revamp, LinkedIn love, cover letter lessons, a portfolio site or a customized set of sales scripts and proposal templates. I want to help pros take the guesswork and frustration out of talking about themselves and get to the interviews, projects and next level of success.

To learn more about Pro Polish, please visit this link or drop me a line.