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Why Writers Are Still REALLY Important

writers still really importantI’ve been seriously neglecting my blog because I’m a writer. I’m so busy with my writing projects for other people that I’m way behind on my own writing.

But I’m taking a few minutes to point something out that has to do with why I’m so busy.

Ann Wayman – a writer I follow – did a survey last week on whether people learn best through video or written words.

The survey was conducted among many writers, so it may be a little biased. However, I think the people who commented here – made a dang good point.

It’s easier to learn from written instructions than it is from video for a lot of people. Some people are visual learners. Some are doers. I’m a doer. I have to follow the instructions and refer back to them in order to put something together.Case in point. I locked myself out of my husband’s office last week. I watched a video the first time in a long time on how to pick a lock with a bobby pin. The guy didn’t talk at all during the picking. I watched, but I didn’t hear how to do it. I looked feverishly for some written instructions, but couldn’t find anything great. Needless to say, I didn’t pick that lock.

I need words to hang things on. I remember phrases and refer back to steps. Rewind and trying to find your place in a video is frustrating (at least for me).

Now, I do think video has its place, but it’s more of a way to tell than teach.

I think that’s why there will always be writers. Here are a few other reasons I’ve noticed of late:

  • Videos are time-consuming and can be cost-prohibitive. I recorded a video for a company a couple months ago. We went around and around on it, and it never got published. Why? Too much work. It wasn’t cost-effective to continue on with the video project, so we turned to a series of blogs and emails. This writer is still very much needed!
  • You still need a writer for a video. I’m working on another project – a landing page – and we’re adding a video. Who do you think is the first person to touch this project – this writer. The designer need instructions, words and a direction.
  • Writing is immediate. Video can be as well, but when you have a professional writer onboard, you can turn a piece (email, blog, etc.) around in a matter of minutes or hours. Video won’t be of the same quality because it’s too tedious of an editing process unless it’s scripted.

What are your thoughts? Do you think writers rule the world? I think we help people rule the world and I’m glad to be in this business.