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The Quick and Dirty Guide to Writing Q & A Posts

guide to q & a blog postsIf you ever interview one of your team members or an expert for your blog or newsletter, it’s not as simple as sending them a questionnaire and then posting it to your blog. There’s a strategy behind great Q & A posts. Here’s the quick and dirty guide to writing Q & A posts.

  • The questions are more important than the answers. If you ask bad questions, your interviewee and your audience aren’t going to get much out of the experience. Spend some time tailoring the questions to your keywords, your audiences’ needs and desires and finding something new.
  • Answers need editing in the written form. Interviews on video can be a little less edited, but if you’re writing a blog post Q & A or even an e-newsletter Q & A, it’s important that you edit for the reader. Clean up the punctuation. Also be sure bullet important points and call out memorable quotes.
  • Takeaways or next steps are key. Sure, reading an interview or Q & A is great, but it’s important to call out the lessons and next steps. This makes your post or email interview actionable.

So, just like every other type of content marketing, a Q & A post requires a strategy. If you need help developing a content strategy, contact me and be sure to subscribe to my content marketing ezine –  Content Confidential.