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Why You Shouldn’t Post Your Email Content to Social Networks

click sendIf you’ve spent any time in MailChimp or Constant Contact or any of the other email programs, you have the option to post your newsletter or promotions to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Don’t click those check marks!

Why you may ask? It’s robbing you of an opportunity to offer exclusivity to your email list.

Let’s explore the mindset of a customer that opts in for your email newsletter and likes you on Facebook.

Ms. Customer signed up for your email newsletter to learn about new merchandise and to receive exclusive offers. What’s exclusive about an offer that you send out via email, post to Facebook, put on your blog and Tweet seven times in a day? Nothing.

Why should Ms. Customer stay on your email list? She’s not getting what you said you would give her – exclusive updates and discounts.

The reason for multiple channel marketing is to reach more people, but you’re doing it wrong if you’re just pressing send and blast. Each network has a specific audience with specific needs and wants. If you use that channel – whether it be email or Facebook or a community, you should always have the audience in mind.

Consider that next time you start that email newsletter. Don’t just post. Your audience is valuable and your content should be just as valuable. And it should fit the audience of the channels you decide to use.

Here’s a traditional advertising comparison – would the Lifetime network play commercials targeting young, single men? No! They are targeting women who like emotional stories.

Same thing goes for email. People are looking for news about your company in a newsletter or discounts in a promotional email. They aren’t looking for you to post the same thing to Facebook. Facebook users don’t want to see “SALE SALE SALE” in their newsfeed. They will unlike your page after too much of this.

The bottom line – consider the audience before you click send on any of your content.