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Do You Value Your Customers Above All Else?

Central Market customer service.

Maybe it’s the books I’m reading. Maybe it’s my close work with great business owners, but one thing I’ve noticed lately is a core concept for any business, especially in marketing.

We have to value our customers. Go out of our way to deliver beyond their expectations. And this starts with our words.

Here are a few examples of what I’m talking about.

The words you use in your marketing should match your service.

I was wiring some money to my broke little sister for my mother at a local grocery store. The store has signs everywhere that say their focus is on getting us out the door faster. While I appreciate speed, I also appreciate customer service. That means I do not want to overhear your conversation with the other clerk about how bad your schedule is. I want you to focus on the task at hand. It’s what you’re paid to do. Please don’t advertise that you’re all about serving me (the customer) and then talk about your schedule issues. How shallow.

Doing the right thing is always the best policy.

I’ve been working on this project where he said, she said information has been circulated on how to maximize results. The bottom line is that we should always seek the truth and share it with our customers. Even if the project is delayed, direction changes, etc. Transparency always in the end.

A customer has a choice to do business with you.

We switched our cable and Internet provider recently because we had experienced bad service for so long with the only show in town. All we got was put on hold, a long wait for repairs and no discount for our trouble.

The new service was installed this past Monday. The technician installed it in all of our rooms, programmed the remotes and even left channel guides for us. The tell-all level of service is that the provided us a router for the Internet and set it up to make sure all was well. And we get it for a lower cost than we did with the other company.

I chose to end my relationship with the other provider because I’d had it up to here with their poor service. What really gets me is that instead of working on their service; they have been running a major ad campaign around how great their service is. Plus, they run specials all the time to attract new customers but send me bills saying my costs are going up.

We all have an obligation to never get to this point with our customers because they do have a choice. Valuing our customers ensures they will never have to use that choice.

What are you doing to show you value your customers?

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