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Why Hiring a Pro Writer Could Increase Your Sales

The BBC has an article out today about how bad spelling is costing online sellers millions of dollars.

You could be losing half of your sales to spelling mistakes. Why is this so?

Even though the world has become more accepting of casual language and more real-time in communications, online buyers still expect professionalism from a company with whom they spend money. And professionalism starts with knowing how to spell and proofread.

An online retailer in the BBC article says, it’s tough to recruit enough employees who know how to spell. Several commenters remarked that companies need to hire proofreaders to clean up after their employees.

I think that’s a good suggestion, but I also think companies need to hire professionals to help coach their staff on how written communication works. After all, your blog, website, Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc. are how your audience is engaging with you.

It’s time businesses treat every word with the same care that you use to package your product and ship it. Businesses spend money to make sure the product arrives in mint condition. The words used to promote, describe and sell your product deserve the same attention. Or you lose money.

So, how can hiring a pro writer increase your sales? In three simple ways:

Pro writers (with an editorial backbone) check for facts, context, grammar and spelling. Consider a pro writer your word stylist. He/she gets everything just so before you present your sales pitch, ad or other marketing communications to the world. We make you look good.

Pro writers help you make your marketing more impactful. A pro writer knows how to make words pack a punch and increase the credibility of your messages.

Pro writers are meticulous and obsessive. We don’t want anyone to call us out on our poor grammar, spelling or lousy turn of the phrase. After all, we do have a rep to protect. It’s good to have obsessive people on your marketing communications and legal teams. We’ve got your back because we’re always looking over our own shoulder.

So, what do you think…would a spelling error keep you from buying a product? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

And, if you ever need a pro writer to help whip your marketing copy into shape, contact me.