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Does Your Thank You Page Have Value?

I just signed up for email updates from a website. I got the standard issue thank you page delivered by the mail service provider and shook my head.

Your thank you page is a brilliant opportunity to share your brand and value with someone who just gave up a piece of themselves (their contact info) and shared their interest in hearing more about you.

The thank you page is there for a reason beyond “Thank you for signing up.” It’s there to build trust. People sign up for so much online, it’s better to be crystal clear on what they’re getting.

Here are the three keys to a better thank you page:

Tell them who you are and what they are getting. What did they sign up for? Yes, it’s redundant, but it builds trust. Give your prospect a screen shot of your newsletter or info product and add a clear description of what to expect from you.

Reveal your time frame and expectations. Providing your prospect a specific time frame builds anticipation and lets them know what you expect from them.

Give them a next step or more value. Attracting prospects through content marketing requires much more focus on “What’s in it for me?” Adding a free report link or reminder to subscribe to your blog or RSS feed shows them this value. Plus, people like to be told what to do (nicely) online.

What does your thank you page look like?

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