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Toddler Marketing Tales – Deleting the Unnecessary Words

I’ve written about my little girl before on the Always Communicate Brilliantly blog. And, I have to say, she gives me some of the most brilliant ideas.

She likes to wake her dad up in the mornings with an announcement. Yesterday, I got her dressed and told her, “Tell him he needs to get up out of bed so he can take you to school.” She repeated much more eloquently, “Daddy, Get up. Take me to school.”

So, here I am to share three brilliant kernels of wisdom I learned from a two-year-old princess:

  1. Clean up your language. Clean up all the extra words you don’t need. You don’t need the “so” or the “really” or the “hopefully.” Especially not the hopefully. (Yes, I read my Strunk & White Elements of Style.)
  2. Keep it simple. Simple words have a stronger meaning. They resonate.
  3. Give direction. If you want your copy to instruct, sell or provide value, you need to give it a job. Just like my sweet pea said, “Get up and take action.”

Does your content pass the clean, simple and action-oriented test? If not, let’s talk about how to improve it.