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The Worst Sales Call of All Time

I just overheard the worst sales call of all time.

My husband is a financial planner who specializes in helping his clients protect their families, mortgages and provide for final expenses.

The caller was a lead generation company that was looking for providers in his working area. He gets these calls on a regular basis, but this one actually sounded interesting.

They were asking him a list of screening questions such as the percentage and volume of sales derived from final expense policies. Well, he’s not that into these policies and focuses more on the mortgage side. However, he’s an opportunist that is always looking for new growth areas. So, to get the caller to the point, he revealed that about 10 percent of his business is final expense.

The Insult

The caller then moved to his next bullet, which went something like this, “We’re really looking for agents making $50-$75K a year on these policies. Do you know anyone?”

That’s when I saw the call shifting focus. The opportunist husband heard the big number and wanted to know more about the lead system.

His first question was simple, “Who are your carriers?” The caller’s response, “All I do is book appointments for the CEO.” Huh?

Second question, “How do you generate the leads?” The caller’s response, “I don’t know. We cover that in the next call.” I smell a scam.

Third question, “What’s your commission structure?” The caller’s response “I don’t know. I’m just supposed to set the interview.” Seriously?

The Formula for the Worst Sales Call Ever

Welcome to the worst sales call of all time. Why was it so?

Not enough information – If your screener can’t answer simple questions (carriers, lead generation efforts and starting commissions), you have no business wasting a prospect’s time.

Alienating the prospect – “We’re looking for agents making $50-$75K a year on these policies. You don’t qualify, so we want your list.” Excuse me, but you just insulted me and tried to move into my network. Not happening.

The prospect gives you a lesson in sales – My husband is a really nice guy. He counseled the guy on how to conduct these calls and what information he needed to gather before calling anyone else.

What’s the worst sales call you’ve ever received?