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Five Tips for Trade Show Success

As we all know trade shows and events are expensive but a necessary marketing expense in many cases. However, as a trade show exhibiting, reporting and foll0w-up veteran, I’ve learned a few things that can help you maximize your spend.

Here are my five top tips for trade show success.

  1. Use some sort of lead capture form, either on your iPad or a clipboard. Grab all the contact information you can – name (first and last), title, company, address, city, state, zip, phone number and email address. You’ll also want to brainstorm 3-5 pain point questions to gauge their place in the buying process.
  2. Don’t jump into a product demo right off the bat. Engage in a conversation about their needs. Very little of the conversation should be about you. Don’t be afraid to hang up the conversation if it’s going nowhere. You’re there to connect with as many prospects as you can.
  3. Watch the posture of your staff. You’re not approachable if you’re slouching, talking on the phone or hiding behind a laptop. I’ve always stood out in front of the booth.
  4. Consider that many people are just looking for free giveaways. Get them out of the booth as quickly as possible if there is no real interest in what you do. Remember, you are paying an extraordinary cost when you break your investment down to the minute.
  5. Follow up within a week of the show. If you wait longer than this, those lead sheets, business cards, or other notes are going to get dusty and so is your mind. You won’t remember all the details that matter for effective follow-up.