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Writing Letters of Appreciation – All Year Long

I just learned that last week was National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week. I’m a little late to the game for the national week, but I try to make this a monthly practice. I don’t always succeed, but I usually manage to get at least five letters or cards out a month. I love getting notes in the mail (so rare – other than birthdays or holidays). Here’s my latest list:

  • My local county supervisor – He helped me with a stinky customer service issue involving the local trash collection service. I know he deals with lots of complaints on garbage, pot holes and people’s grass length. I think a letter of appreciation would benefit him.
  • My child’s preschool teacher – I have a hard time enforcing the timeout, but not so much since my daughter’s preschool teacher put her in timeout last week. She deserves a letter of appreciation for making things a little easier at home.
  • Those people who gave me great LinkedIn recommendations lately – I feel like social media has taken away the power of the written word in many cases. That’s why I try to remember to send a card once in a while to a business contact. I think it shows a distinctive professional touch.

Do you use this simple success tactic to remember your customers and show appreciation “just because?”