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Three Reasons Not to Hire a Writer

Instead of telling you how to hire the right writer, I’d like to share three reasons not to hire a writer.

  1. You found this writer on a bidding site. Going with the lowest bidder is going to get you nowhere. You are not going to get a writer who specializes in helping you deliver your voice to your customers.
  2. You just need someone to get your ideas down on paper. A writer does more than get your thoughts on paper. A writer conveys your company’s message to the outside world. That’s why hiring a writer is a strategic decision. Your writer chief job is to convey a message that resonates with your intended audience. If the writer doesn’t ask you questions about the audience, run the other way!
  3. A writer tells you that you need a writer. You don’t just need a writer to get content and messages out to your audience. You need a plan. Sharing your brand is more than just packing a few keywords into a short article, hoping a search engine will bring you the right person at the right time. You need a strategy for your content and a writer who gets your strategy and audience. If you don’t get that combination, you need a new writer (or to get your ducks in a row).