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The Importance of Follow-Up

Want to know the secret to sales success? It’s simple.

Follow-up. It won’t close every sale, but it will close more sales.

The salesperson who follows up with their prospects masters the three essentials of sales – building a relationship, proving value and providing the competitive advantage.

How do you do follow-up the right way? Here are five tips:

  1. It has to provide value. Not a sales pitch.
  2. It must be genuine. Park the quota at the door. You’re here to help; show me that.
  3. Stick to your start and stop times. If you say this will take 10 minutes, keep the call to 10 minutes.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of a hand-written note. This shows that you put time and thought into your follow-up. I might remember you when you call next week.
  5. Make promises. And keep them. It’s okay to give your word to a prospect. If you promise to get them information or the answer to a question, do it! Know what you can and can’t deliver before you make the promise. You’ll lose credibility faster than you know.

Are you seeing the connection between sales follow-up and dating? You’re trying to build a relationship based on growing trust. The only way to do that is to give your prospect one more reason to talk to you. It can be hard to think of something to say (like dating), but it’s worth the time and effort.