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What I Learned About Marketing from My Preschooler

My daugther just turned two and attends a preschool program at our church in the mornings. I’m not usually the one to pick her up; my husband is. Well, I had the pleasure of doing the honors recently and I learned a valuable marketing lesson from it.

The preschool has an ingenious method for delivering the children to their parents – the bye-bye buggy. It’s a large cart with seats and seatbelts for each toddler. They get to rotate the “leader” seat each day. You see, the front right seat is the most desired because the lucky tot gets to push the “button” that opens the power-assisted doors to the outside world.

Isn’t this very much like marketing?

We all want to be in the “leader” seat. Getting to the leader seat for the toddlers is a matter of rotation. In business, it’s who gets there first or best. Are you positioned to be in the lead?

Do you know your audiences’ button? The teachers in this preschool know something about the kids – that they are singularly focused on pushing that button. Do you know what that button is for your target audience?

Do you have content strategy as focused as the bye-bye buggy? The purpose is simple – get the children to the cars as simply and safely as possible. Content strategies don’t have to be complicated. Setting up a process as seamless as the bye-bye buggy can help deliver better content, leads and ROI.

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