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Three Messaging Elements I Learned from a Bagel

I just finished eating a delicious bagel – made from oat flour and sprinkled with bits of oat on top. This bagel resonated with me because it had just the right recipe for success. Here’s three messaging lessons I learned from said bagel:

  1. It had the right mix of ingredients. Oat flour made the bagel sweet and savory. I didn’t want to rush through it. I wanted to savor every bite. That’s what our messages should do.
  2. It had a little bit of unexpected. The oats were not traditional bagel fare, and even though this is a common grain – the fact that it was in a bagel was unexpected. Messaging should always have a little of the unexpected.
  3. It resonated with the audience. I was so into this bagel I wanted more. It was something good enough to chew on slowly with bits of excitement peppered throughout.

Does your messaging pass the bagel test? Savory, unexpected, wanting more. Need this in your messaging? I can help. Contact me today.